katie & brian . engaged

we had such a fun time photographing katie and brian in coronado. we found out we had a few things in common as well. like us, they dated for several years before getting engaged. katie is from the chicago area where we both have spent lots of time. they love the show wipeout which we think is fun to watch and get a chuckle out of occasionally. katie and brian though love it so much that they actually competed on the show! we can’t wait to watch it on May 19 and see how they did.

katie and brian – we loved getting to spend time with you and creating some images that we hope you will enjoy for the rest of your lives. we wish you all the best with your upcoming nuptials!

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spring has arrived

actually spring came about a month ago but our garden is officially ready to call it spring too. the freezing nights have finally ended and now it’s time for the planting to begin. we’ve only just begun but are excited about about this year’s bounty. we love to eat. we especially love to eat well so what could be better than fresh home-grown, organic produce?

here are a few of the items we’ve started with; heirloom tomatoes, zucchini and summer squash, cherry tomatoes, and corn. we’ll be planting more veggies and herbs but this is where we’ve started.

we also keep lots of flowering plants throughout the garden including lavender. lavender is one of my favorites, we have three different kind throughout the yard.

you will also find lots of succulents and cacti. some of them are starting to bloom.

we love the bees. this is why we plant so many flowering plants, they help to pollinate everything and give us more produce in turn. the bee is pollinating the french lavender. spanish lavender is on the right.

more succulents with more color and blooms

baby olives, yep we’ll be making and eating our own olives. we planted this little olive tree not long ago and it is already flourishing with tons of baby olives. can’t wait to harvest and eat these! more french lavender on the right. stay tuned to see more of what we’ll be doing in the garden and how we’ll be enjoying the “fruits of our labor,” literally.

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brittani & mark . engaged

they met and fell in love here. so how could san diego state university not be the perfect location for their photos?

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lesley & david . engaged

i’ve had the pleasure of knowing lesley for several years and i’ve never seen her happier. this was the first time we met david but we could instantly tell how happy these two make each other and how well they balance each other out. we can’t wait for lesley and david’s wedding, it’s just around the corner.

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tiffiny & jimmy . engaged

ok folks, i know it’s been forever since we’ve blogged. we’ve wanted to, really. it’s just that we’ve been consumed with several projects which we’ll be discussing in the coming months.

in the meantime we are thrilled to share these two engaged lovebirds with you. these two have been dating for what to some may feel like an eternity but for others is just right, ten lovely years. we could really tell how well these two knew each other and how comfortable they were together. as soon as either one looked at the other a different expression came over their faces – one of affection, trust and comfort.

we had a great time with tiffiny and jimmy in oceanside and got lucky with some pretty perfect weather. it’s great getting to know our couples like this before the big day, spending some quality time and letting them warm up to us and our cameras.

tiffiny and jimmy, we can’t wait for your july wedding and we are honored to share in this special time in your lives.

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